This is an ANSI art dispenser for the modern terminal. It uses retrofit to apply transformations that make it possible to view ANSI art pieces in a regular Unix-like terminal and Windows console.


ANSI art

Just point curl to this URL and get a random entry from an archive of classic and modern ANSI pieces:

curl -L https://textmode.cc/dispenser

Note that -L option is necessary, as the page will redirect you to the actual content.



The quality of the displayed art heavily depends on your terminal font setting. Most terminals are configurable to do it right, but some work very well out of the box:

Terminals marked with an asterisk support 24-bit colors. Refer to the a git on GitHub to see other terminal support for truecolor. Or, just check with yours!

24-bit color support in terminals

Windows console

Current Windows 10 console is able to view ANSI art pieces correctly, but user needs to enable the VT support and run `chcp 65001` command before calling the dispenser. Note that, once configured it even supports 24-bit color.

Enabling VT support


Terminal.app in macOS shows too much space between the lines in its default setting. Changing the line spacing to 0.8 makes it look better. Still, the block drawing characters don't look good in the default SF Mono font. But it's still worth a try! Note that Terminal.app has no support for 24-bit color.

Ubuntu and gnome-terminal

Note that the Ubuntu monospaced font uses transparency-based, rather than texture-based shading for the block characters, which makes for an unusual experience.

How does it work?

The original ANSI files have been processed with retrofit to apply the following transformations:

Code page 437



ANSI escape codes

Whole archive access

You can access the ANSI archive used by the dispenser.

ANSI archive

Alternatively there are compressed tarballs available for:



Original source ANSI files

Once downloaded, the individual files can just be printed in the terminal with cat. Please note that the names of processed files have been slightly mangled. Do not upload them anywhere under the filename of the original artwork.